rik redbrain. Since 2005. Based in Antrim Folk | Singer/Songwriter | Rock and Roll
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rik redbrain - vocals, guitar, harmonica, kazoo
Leadbelly woody guthrie Dylan Cash

contact name:rik redbrain
phone: 07727173992
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who am i? im a solo singer/songwriter, i perform rhythmic acoustic music in a folkish style. the musical turning point for me was the discovery of 'honest' music in the form of leadbelly, woody guthrie, and the rest of the american traveling folk singers.. playing songs for there very survival on the wide open plains, and taking in time to point out the very real plight that they and there kin suffered at the hands of an uncaring government... much like ourselves today.
i enjoy playing a wide varity of songs from my own originals to some interesting cover versions.... (black velvet band, christy moore. squeeze box, the who. just like a woman, dylan. ring of fire, Cash.. etc etc) i moved in and out of a few bands (from punk to experimental rock) before settling on being the solo performer that i am now.. yes its taken me a while but i belive my strength comes from within.....
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