primrose. Since 1998. Based in Waterford Alternative Rock | Melodic Pop/Rock | Pop/Rock
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stranger come around

the best in you (video)

Members: 5
Members Names:
benganine guitar, kasper guitar, adrian vocals, jacob, drums, marc base.
u2,coldplay,radiohead,robbie williams,james blunt,

contact name:adrian sullivan
phone: 0873250462
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primrose started off 9 years ago, We have had reviews that say we sound like alot of different bands such as , radiohead, coldplay, u2, robbie williams, james blunt and so on.

These are some heavy names to keep up with but we the band feel we can. we have been down every path there is in the industry today, bad management, internationaly signed to the wrong label, promised the sun moon and stars but still we ended up doing it all ourselves.

the band consists of 5 people, 4 danish and 1 irish, we all met in the academy for music in scandinavia, we decided to start playing some original music and give it a shot, there has been many musicians in primrose in the past, not all can keep the faith!

right now we are a very strong band live. we are about to release our first single to the irish charts, we have already got some airplay and so far all stations are catching on to the single "The best in you" we intend to have a first single release date set somewhere in october of 2007, we are in the process of getting into the system, radio, tv, internet.

We want all to know the name primrose before we launch in october. The ALBUM will be release somewhere in 2008, Stevo Berube is doing pr along with goodseed promotions. There is alot lined up already with primrose here in ireland.

We have the pleasure of having "Bob Clearmountains" name on the cover of our album so this is as i say, one hell of a good achievement in music already!

there is some very strong song writing in the tracks, they work in both the full band approach and also the acoustic, We also have a good strong hand from "Ivan Kushlick" who knows the industry through and through. I want to work hard, fight the fight for what is right, that is my music being heard! We recorded this album 3 times until we found it complete. this meaning we dont just make do when it comes to our music. We are 100% dedicated to it. I hope that this gains enough interest in you to find out more about PRIMROSE.

thank you for reading this far:-)




Not your average Rock ‘N Roll band, Primrose delivers quite a unique and fresh sound. They ever so slightly lean towards a melancholic, British inspired rock-pop. With influences to the likes of Coldplay, Radiohead and even U2. But after one listen they undeniably hold their own place among their peers. Especially with front man Adrian Sullivan's vocal ability along with Kasper Olsen's ingenious guitar riffs and equally inspiring instrumentation and beats from the rest of the band. Thus giving them their own unique sound. Which reveals an explosive content that is destined to leave its mark.

Formed summer of 2003, Primrose are all set to take over the radio waves. Based in Denmark for a number of years and now returning to Irish soil, Primrose comes well equipped to handle the pressures of being in the spot light. Their 1st single "The best in you" ushered Brother Brown (who remixed songs for Madonna, Britney Spears, Pet Shop Boys etc. ) out of hibernation, as he was eager to add his own mark on PRIMROSE.

Their new single gracing the charts in the coming weeks “The best in you” is taken from their most impressive album "What you want to believe". Which was recorded in a various locations including Lundgaard Studios and Sun studios. With the likes of saxophone player Chris De Margary and trumpet player Kevin Robinson, both from Simply Red. Also joining in was Guitar player Chester Kamen (Roger Waters) and drummer Hugo Deggenhart (Bootleg Beatles).

After further recordings in Copenhagen, the album continued to come to life. All that was left were the finishing touches. Well known producer Bob Clearmountain (Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow etc.) loved the songs and for the first time agreed to mix an “unsigned album.” Clearmountain, Vindeby and Sullivan, perfected Primroses final sound while American manager, Alvin Handwerker, normally juggling artists like AC/DC, agreed to pass the album amongst his contacts in the USA. Gaining them wide spread acclaim within the Industry. Then Primrose were swept up by Scandinavian label “Playground Music.” Before returning home to Ireland ready to make their mark. So watch this space, Internationally acclaimed Primrose is about to take over Ireland. In a nice way of course (o:

The album “What you want to believe” is completed and internationally signed. And will be available in 2008 following the release of their 1st single in 2007. you can download the single "The best in you" at or text to download to your phone, just text "music 532" to phone nr: 57501 Available now!!
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