nixondeathwish. Since 2005. Based in Meath Alternative Rock | Punk | Electronic
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Road ckosed morbid...
Latex Glockenspiel
Nixon deathwish rap yo

Members: 4
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Chris Kealy - Drums, Sir Kenneth of O - Bass, Chris Holten - Guitar and Vocals, Matt Byrne - Vocals and Noise
Nirvana, Radiohead, Melvins, At the Drive-In, Pixies, System of A Down, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, The Mars Volta

contact name:Chris Holten
phone: 0857058012
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Nixondeathwish, a band that started out as a trip to the zoo. Walking down to the playground to exploit young produce was our hobby, that was before we discovered music was fun to play music cause it was fun so it was. Been together since October 2005 and have alot of shit written for the first EP. We are in experimental terms now, with a wide range of influences trying our hardest to develop a original sound. It's a minor drawback that we can't actually play our instruments. Oh well.

We just recently got Sir Kenneth of O on Bass. Holten's Mooseman has joined us! Expect some husk music ya'll.

Cunting love and anal kisses.
x x x
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