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Here come the planes
Ye of little faith
Glad to hear you bit the bullet
I've got your vote

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of all the precipitously emergant solo artist in the continuing renascence of the self-assertive tradition none have equalled nialljamesholohan,a compound of spontaneity, candor, slicing wit and an uncommonly perceptive eye ans ear and the new ( to you ) singer/songwriter from Dublin. What brings us to him here sitting in a city cafe with the sprawling back catalogue stretched out behind him and his tea and the daniel johnson record underneath his arm?

the answer to that question lies long and travelled somewhere in the coners of europe niall has been to and dusted over the past couple of years and also in certain parts of the states ( Boston, New York, Austin and San diego ) where he has played the bum and the outsider, often everyone's friend and occasionally everyone's enemy but most important proudly introduced himself each time as a new figure on each particular scene, leaving sometimes days, sometimes weeks later, with a notebook full of words and e-mail addresses and memories of the exitment that inevitably surrounded the last of his appearances in each town. with scenes of ardent fans singing his praises a constant throughout the "tour"

the reasons for this are subjective of course but as it is my job to observe nialljamesholohan's talents take many forms ..he is indeed a compelling singer as can be heard on his albeit dated debut record "the boy when" recorded as a document of teenage suburban melancholy

in his house in South Dublin last year a composite of some of the best singers in the past twenty years.. and also a songwriter of increasing versatility

but since his returne to Dublin to record "the boy when" trawling through the crooked way of all his old notebooks,photographs and tapes niall has been growing a fast experience hungry rate and discovering what it means to be niall james holohan the performer for which there are not enough these performances there is a marked change from his bebut ("the boy when")..when before you could see a different niall on a different night now you get it all with no apologies ..a extraordinarily original single entity,tiedat the heart ..driving,witty,caring,angry,threatening,..we witnessthe creative act of the performer who revels in it's magic which gives him the power to seduce, to degrade, to elevate and to expose those emotions and those people he has both left behind and await him in the future and even though we hear brushes not only with personal hero and self-proclaimed "rejected unknown" Daniel Dale ( niall's recording of Johnson's "sun shines down on me " will be appearing on a tribute album due out on Valiant Death records in the summer )but also with Waits,Dylan,Morissey,Johnson,even Ani di Franco and more we soon realise there is nowhere else you can hear a young solo artist perform such a wealth and depth of music ..and there are surely more dimensions to come .. it is the continuing surge of a complete individual , a young man growing free rather than absurd on the road to recovery and candor that makes nialljamesholohan so powerful,so personal and so important an artist..

Elena Luna January 2003

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