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Man On Ambulance

Members: 4
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Shane Delahunty - Vox and guitar, Niall Barrett - Bass, Conor Berkeley - Piano, keys & synth, Matt Stapleton - Drums
Snow Patrol, Phoenix, Death Cab For Cutie, Future Kings of Spain, Flaming Lips, The Shins, Wilco, Reindeer Section

contact name:Matt Stapleton
phone: 0879843045
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My Ok Hotel are a four piece band from Naas and Kill in Co. Kildare, Ireland. We would put ourselves in the indie pop rock genre if there is such a genre, well there is now! At the moment we have a number of originals that we are working on and getting tight by playing gigs in venues such as The Vault, Eamon Dorans and other local venues. We aim to come up with songs that twiddle your toes and move your hands with a combination of rock and pop luckily new one seems to be popping out at every jamming session so its all good. We hope to go into the studio in late january or early feb to record a good demo that we can send about to get more gigs. Our main influences would be the postal service broken social scene the flaming lips grandaddy future kings of spain phoenix jape hot chip wilco the rapture and the yeah yeah yeahs to name a small few. The band was formed in 2005 and originally called Last Mail Monday. After a few changes such as the leaving of old members etc the bands name was changed to my ok hotel. It was slow progress for a while due to school, leaving cert etc but now that those things are well in the past, life seem to be going well for my ok hotel. We are trying to get gigs all over the place to get our name out there and form a fan base which thankfully seems to be working. The overwhelming response to our demo track "man on ambulance" was quite the highlight in the bands short history. The feeling of having other people know and sing the words to your own song is quite amazing, even if it is only 20 or 30 people. That is what drives my ok hotel, knowing that more of that feeling is out there to be experienced. Hopefully one they we will get our opportunity and when we do, we will most definitely take it. my ok hotel was formed for the sole reason to play music and enjoy ourselves while playing our music. Band members are Shane Delahunty on guitar and vocals Conor Berkeley on keyboardpiano Niall Barrett on bass and Matt Stapleton on drums,

over and out,

my ok hotel

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