murderplan. Since May 2006. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Blues | genre
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Soul Dance

Members: 4
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Stephanie O Keeffe - Vocals, Bass, Paddy Lynch - Drums, Dara Melinn - Guitar Vocals, Cathal Melinn - Piano, Megaphone, Vocals
Nina Simone, Tom Waits, Nick Cave

contact name:Cathal Melinn
phone: 087 9292867
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May 2006 - In a dirty Dublin city jukejoint, Murder Plan formed when Cathal Melinn, Dara Melinn (no relation), Paddy Lynch and Stephanie O' Keeffe, blind-eyed drunk on industrial-strength absinthe and brandy decided it was time to play the blues.

That morning, Cathal had found an old upright piano washed up on the beach; after boasting of this to his drinking pals, they agreed to salvage the instrument. The following evening took them to the strand and onto Cathal's flat where they dragged it up the four flights of stairs to the sitting room; it was here that they jammed out their first few numbers.

Unfortunately, the piano being rotten and out of tune didn't last too long and the band decided to sell it to the spinster living in the apartment below. After receiving a handsome sum from the sale, they bought some new equipment and begun to play properly.

Fronted by darling chanteuse Stephanie O' Keeffe, they draw numerous musical styles into their mix; sometimes playing jazzy blues, before moving to straightforward rock and then onto dirty sleaze-rants.

Jul 2007 - Lyrical offerings have become progressively darker from where they were one year previous. Paddy and Dara, on drums and guitar; known for their sinister behviour and foul language proved to be pivotal in driving the band's musical direction towards the darker side of the blues. All the while, Cathal, destroyed with the brandy, sits at his piano lashing out sleazy licks and riffs accompanied by Harry (the group's latest addition) on bass or guitar until no one, band or otherwise is left standing.

Oh, central to the Plan is the mania...and if you listen - you can hear it.
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