linda coogan. Since 2004. Based in Meath Folk | Blues/Rock | Indie
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the way home
drunken beauty
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linda coogan, singer/songwriter, vocals,guitar acoustic, harmonica, bodhran, elec guitar.eoin mc donnell, bass, bouzouki and banjo. Tim Whele, piano and keys
life in general. tori amos, led zepplin, bob dylan, singer/songwriters

contact name:linda coogan
phone: linda 0851659065
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A qualified luthier in the construction of Harps, guitars and other stringed instruments, Linda Coogan is both an extraordinary singer-songwriter and a consummate musician. Gifted with a voice of rare depth and sensuality this multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonica, mandolin, bouzouki, and bodhran) is now releasing her long-awaited debut album, “Holding back.”
Linda's raw smoky vocals, though possessing an undeniable originality, have been compared to Tori Amos and Tracy Chapman. And who can argue with that kind of comparison? The unique sounding debut album was recorded, in the true folk fashion, of less than a week. Recorded independently and self-produced, it contains 13 beautifully crafted songs on which Linda plays her own handmade electric guitar and bouzouki. The artwork on the album’s cover is by international artist Bernie Leahy, who was recently featured on Ireland’s Late Late show. “I try to summon up emotion in the music whist maintaining melody and a touch of sensuality in the vocals. Folk music is sung from the heart, which is how a lot of my music is performed, but I wouldn’t squeeze it into any category. There is a touch of jazz and blues there too, along with rock,” says Linda. The music moves seamlessly from genre to genre as each songs unfolds. It cannot, nor does it need to be pigeon-holed into one category. The album’s passion for diversity is as exciting as it is authentic, and its quality reveals an artistic maturity that belies her 23 years of age. Coogan has officially been hailed Irelands hardest working class female musician and has everyone talking about her independent route and sheer determination to succeed without caving into the hands of the major labels. she is surely proving a point that one can go against all the odds and come out trumps.
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