dummyRun. Since Autumn 2005. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Indie | Atmospherics
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The Tinman

Members: 4
Members Names:
Sean O Donnell, Mark O Connor, Neil Flood, Phelim O Halloran
dEUS, Pumpkins, Doves, Frames, Jeff Buckley, Pixies, Weezer, Interpol, Manic Street Preachers, Van Morrison, BellX1, Ash, Radiohead, Mic Christopher, Badly Drawn Boy, Sebadoh, Elliott Smith, Bloc Party and the list goes on...

contact name:Neil Flood
phone: 0877951203
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dummyRun in their current form pieced together in the autumn of 2005. Since then, they have focused on writing and recording original sounding material and playing vibrant, energetic live shows.

The band's sound is a combination of countless influences gathered from music, books, films and everyday life. At times they can be delicate and atmospheric before switching for a much more aggressive, turbulent sound as they bring their audience through a vast array of moods.

Over their first year, dummyRun have played every show that they could get their hands on including support slots for established acts such as Nizlopi (of JCB song fame), Nina Hynes and Joe Chester. They also just played a successful headline show in Dublin's Crawdaddy on November 20th.
Their fan-base is constantly growing as their reputation as a live band is enhanced from show to show. Through the internet, their music has made them friends in the UK, mainland Europe and the US.
They have just released a self-titled, 3 track E.P. for radio and also recorded a video for their track The Tinman, which is due to air on the nationwide Channel 6 within the coming weeks.

In the future the band has one goal; to continue writing music and playing it to as many people as humanly possible.

Check out www.dummyrunmusic.com

All enquiries contact dummyrunmusic@gmail.com
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