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Feelin Blue
Angel from heaven
6 o clock in the morning

Members: 6
Members Names:
Declan, Peader, Jimmy, Damien, Paul, Gary
Happy Mondays, Oasis, Stone Roses, ELO

contact name:Gary Baitson
phone: 085 1006033
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Formed around Ballymun identical twins Declan (Lead Vox) and Peter Grange (Drums), Dextra are a 6-piece ?in-yer-face? Pop-Rock band whose live antics knows no bounds. The Troublesome Twins, aided by fellow Ballymun trio ?Gary B.? (Guitar), ?Frog? (Bass) and ?Crazy Horse? (Keys) have been working tirelessly since their 2001 inception, shaking off the negative portrayal of their North Dublin suburb by taking balls-to-the-wall rock n? roll live shows above and beyond any comparable act on the island of Ireland.

Dextra?s hook-driven songs are the brainchild of stage-diving front-man Declan, whose killer choruses and sing-a-long melodies offer a throwback to the trippy, poppy, psychedelic 1980?s ?Madchester? and the Hacienda era. In a routine sound-off of influences, the band will always name-check 80?s greats such as Electric Light Orchestra, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Depeche Mode, and The Cars. Alongside their 90?s heroes Oasis, the band also gives a notable nod in the direction of pop-song masters The Beatles.

Dextra?s wall of sound can be attributed to Mulhuddart man Jimmy, who, when released from the shackles of Rhythm Guitar, can turn many a head with blistering Hendrix-esque guitar solos. The band?s vitality for live gigs is fulfilled with the combination of Peter Grange?s rolling n? rumbling drum grooves and the wacky, speaker-climbing, bar-jumping games of Lead Madman Declan.

Live circus aside, Dextra?s hard working ethic does not deter the rivalling siblings from wearing their hearts on their sleeves and -despite advice to the contrary- the group make no attempt to disguise its working class origins.

Being almost impossible to reproduce on recordings, Dublin?s Crazy Gang and their live shows must be seen to be believed; no audience leaves disappointed and no sceptic leaves unconverted.

Scallywag rock never sounded so good...

"Probably the most entertaining live band around" - Ron,
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