Workin Class Heroes. Since 2005. Based in Dublin HipHop | HipHop | genre
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Members: 3
Members Names:
David Clarke- Emcee, Robbie Waters- Emcee, Bren McElroy- Producer
Nas, Jay-Z, Wu Tang, BIG, 2Pac, Big L etc...

contact name:David Clarke
phone: 0877839849
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''My name is David Clarke, im a rapper and im strugglin'
tryin' to get my name known all around Dublin-
i represent Finglas, Griffith Close mostly
i'd like to give a shout to everyone who knows me''

started off as a hobbie, turned into an obsession. been writing lyrics for roughly 8 years now. lack of recording time/production held us back badly. well that was until we started workin with Bren, we now have roughly 20 tracks done and are nearly finished our first album. yet to do a gig but hey everything needs to be perfected.we've had an awful lot of positive feedback over the years so we must be half decent lol. look out for us.
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