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Take It Outside

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Mike Peyton - Vocals, Conor (Con Man Sam) Fahy - Lead Guitar, Mark (The Shark) Kenny - Rhythm Guitar, Brendan (Bowsie) McGuinn - Bass, Paul (Spud) Hanniffy - Drums and Percussion
Our influences stem from a number of genres, from Queen to such great Irish acts as Thin Lizzy & Therapy?, The Frames, Damien rice. Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

contact name:Paul
phone: 085 1734918
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Wokajo started up in February 2006 with the aim of competing in the "Kings Head" battle of the bands. We spent a week learning a few tunes and entered the competition. To our absolute surprise we actually won. This was the foundation the band as we decided to stick together and see what happened in the future. We threw a cover set together and for the next few months we lived on a steady diet of gigs, large amounts of alchohol and of course, rock and roll................

But it wasn't long untill the novelty of cover gigs wore off. We made that all important original leap and since then, we discovered a new drive and chemistry within the band that has made people stop and listen.

Recently we've taken some major steps in trying to get ourselves out there. We've teamed up with www.LiveWebStars.com for a live streaming lifestyle.
Also we've spent more time in the studio trying to pull an album together and there is always a constant hunt for gigs. You can hear some of our stuff on www.myspace.com/wokajo but we've got a lot bigger and better on the sidelines just waiting to go.
We don't have anything we would consider to be an image, nor do we need or want one. We're here for the MUSIC, not for the clothes, haircuts or eyeliner. If you like our sound then drop us a line!

Rock on,
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