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Earth Song
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Wicker are Steven Tedstone - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keith Walsh - Bass & Backing Vocals, Declan Carey - Guitars & Backing Vocals, Nigel Kellett - Drums. Wicker are a group of (Mostly) Irish lads with a passion for music. The music is acoustically driven with catchy guitar riffs, funky basslines, strong drumming and powerful vocals..

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Steven and Keith first met when his band at the time (Babel) were looking for a Bass player in Donegal (circa..mid 90's) Steven, moved to Dublin from London in 2000 and decided to get another band together with Keith. Declan met the lads in Dublin and started jamming with them and even brought a drummer with him. Nigel is the newest member of the band. He joined us in Jan 03. He was very quick to become familiar with the songs and started gigging with us straight away. Wicker have played various gigs around Dublin in venues such as Isaac Butt, TBMC, Eamon Dorans and The Music Room....

"What I really like about this band is that they are both thought provoking and informative at the same time. The lyrics switch like a multiple personality going from young child to wise man... Fans of bands that twirl the imagination, and let you paint your own picture of destruction/peace will love this creation. It will definitely be left on repeat until the end of my review... Highly recommended. Wicker Rocks! " Scent - GodsofMusic.com
"Wicker are an alt-rock band from Dublin Ireland blending punk and classic rock influences into a cool sound of their own with tight playing, excellent vocals and passionate strong song writing. There?s an obvious honesty, emotional resonance and integrity about their music that?s immediately engaging. Try the beautiful, raw EARTH SONG or the melodic, arpeggio laced SLOW DOWN to enjoy them at their best. Great band? " Steve Ison - Hidden Radio
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