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A self-taught guitarist, Wayne has a distinctive and energetic style, incorporating blues, flamenco and rock in his music. Influenced by artists such as Hendrix, Knopfler and Clapton, Wayne has created his own platform of new and potential ways of playing the guitar. His initial interest was in playing the electric guitar however as the years passed Wayne felt that he could relate more to the clear undistorted calming sounds of the clean acoustic guitar. This brought about his desire to abandon his electric sound for a more acoustic one, which resulted in him taking on a softer and more seductive approach to his guitar playing.

Wayne is a singer/songwriter from Daingean in Co. Offaly. Growing up, his first love was the guitar, but he also had a flare for playing bass, flute and percussion. He quickly became interested in developing his own lyrics and started writing music from the age of 17. Many early songs emerged as he progressed from behind the scenes to centre stage.
After 3 years in Paris, where he played in renowned venues such as The VIP Room, and The Chesterfield Café on the Champs Elysées, Wayne decided to return to Ireland to concentrate on his song writing and pursue his musical career. His journey brings him to where he is today; ready to unveil his musical greatness to the world. His style is unique and filled with a heartfelt passion that not even the most illustrious of artists can boast. Wayne's rare talent and sound demonstrates his ability to emerge himself in his own style of guitar playing.
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