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I Know You
The Unabashedly Political Song

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Dennis O
Zimmy, Zappa, Westerberg, Wallinger, Strummer, Davies, the Glimmer Twins, MacGowan, Costello, Weir, Garcia, Hunter, Barlow, Hitchcock, Waits, Cockburn, Tweedy, Earle, Thompson (Charlie), Owsley, Guthrie, Coyne, Biden, the Dukes of Stratosphear, MacGyver,

contact name:Dennis O
phone: 513.910.2413
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Blending clangy guitars with punk attitude, a touch of psychedelia, and a smidge of politics, the Voodoo Loons sound is a stew of its own, and gaining attention on both sides of the pond, with a swelling underground following throughout much of Europe and the States.

The Loons are a constantly evolving sound, combining folkish lyrics with a punkish edge, psychedelic headiness with primal funky groove. The press has compared them to groups as diverse as Flaming Lips, Zappa, Chili Peppers, the Stones, and Sonic Youth, among others. Prior to the release of their debut album, the Loons had achieved an unprecedented level of interest via compilations and the music they offer online, especially in the UK and throughout Germany, the Netherlands, and the US. Euphobia, the new Loons album, is due 14 Dec. 2007 and has been receiving much advance critical acclaim.

Most of the writing is done by O'Hagan, a dual citizen (U.S./Ireland). The new material draws from a variety of genres and influences, combining personal and sometimes politically pointed lyrics with music that wanders from psychedelic improvisation to raw punkish abrasiveness (reflected more in their shows than on the current recordings). The result is an iconoclastic sound that is it's own. "The idea is to make music that simply is what it is, without any thought of trying to make it fit into a particular trend or genre."

Live the band is completely organic, and it's not unusual for top-shelf musician friends to sit in. Drawing from stops made along the way, the musicians who fill out the band have extensive credits that include work with Bela Fleck, Levon Helm, ekoostik hookah, and many others.

NEW ALBUM 14 DECEMBER!!! The new Voodoo Loons album, titled EUPHOBIA, will be available via the Loons website on 14/12/2007. Order the disc directly from the band and they'll throw in a limited edition bonus disc full of demos, outtakes, etc. Euphobia will be available via the usual online outlets (iTunes, Yahoo, Rhapsody, CD Baby, etc.) January.

Modern technology has enabled a new mindset in creating music, and the Loons embrace it with open arms. Music ranging from the roughest demos to completed productions are available for free on the website http://www.voodooloons.com Also, stop by our mySpace site and get on our friend list for updates on tour dates and online events http://www.myspace.com/voodooloons
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