Tornado Lovely. Since Nov 2006. Based in Westmeath Rock | Alternative Rock | Pop/Rock
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Members: 4
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Gerard Doyle-Vocals/guitar, Clive Doyle-Drums, Ciaran Fagan-Guitar, Vinnie Kearney-Bass
Biffy Clyro, Ash, Pearl Jam

contact name:ciaran fagan
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Tornado Lovely were formed in late 2006 by Gerard, Ciaran, Clive and Vinnie. Gerard, Ciaran and Vinnie had previously been in the grunge inspired band "Burnout" years before while still at school and upon deciding to put a band together again were joined by Gerard's younger brother Clive on drums. They began writing again and soon had a seven or eight song set finished. The lads play a variety of styles of music, and a set can vary between classic rock ballads one minute and high tempo pop rock songs the next. The band recently played their first gig, (March '07)in the packed students union in Maynooth, during a rag week Battle of the Bands. Despite it being their first gig and debuting an entirely new set, the lads were completely at ease on stage and were cheered on to second place. The band are now looking to start gigging as frequently as possible, keep working on new material and hopefully raise their profile in the coming months. Check out a few of their older demos at or Anyone looking for bands to play anywhere around Leinster give us a shout!
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