Torann. Since 2002. Based in Waterford World Music | Celtic | Atmospherics
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Monroe Transfer, Auto Panic & Brunch

Members: 6
Members Names:
Marc - Percussion, Trev - Percussion, Andy - Toms, Niall H - Toms, Simon - Snare, etc, Niall S - Bass
Like nothing you've ever heard before

contact name:Marc Merriman
phone: 087 234 04 04
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Torann started in 2002 when some drummers who were bored of playing drums in the usual types of bands decided to rock the boat a bit. We started out with 18 members, but whittled this down to 6 after the first few months. Despite what the genres say above, there isnt really a category to cover us. We play hard fast ever changing beats, rhythms and grooves. Our influences range from Led Zepplin and the Muppets to Techno & Drum And Bass, and pretty much everything in between. It all gets thrown together, mixed up a bit and out come some beats.
We've played at a lot of varied events, a few weddings, one funeral (unfortunately), corporate events, Waterford Mayors ball, street festivals like Waterford Spraoi, Cork Capital Of Culture, Dublin Docklands, Dublin St Patricks Festival, the 1st ever Belfast St Patricks Day festival (in front of about 5000 people, great fun!), to supporting such dj's as Umek, Dave Clarke, Billy Nasty, Slam, Ian Pooley (and recently had Samantha Mumba somewhat support us in Limerick). Theres a whole lot more, but to list them all would take too long. Suffice to say, we've done a lot of strange, wierd and wonderful gigs. One of our highlights was appearing on RTE2's Saturday morning kids tv show, Sattitude. Bizzare, but a great laugh. We've recently finished a live recording, its being mastered at the mo, so hopefully we'll have it ready to go soon.

For more details, info, etc, feel free to email me, check out, or myspace, (do become our friend!).

With that, I'll leave you to your thoughts.

O yeah, one more thing, we'll generally play anywhere, anytime, we're ho's for gigs! Take a chance, we're something completely different, and we'll wind a crowd up goodo!
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