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Martin Murphy --- Drums, John Mulcahey --- Guitar, Neil Coyne --- Vocals, David Nolan --- Bass
Too many influences to list but we

contact name:Martin Murphy.
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First off I want to say that I very disappointed in the fact that theres no Funk category under band genre because we're a Funk Rock band. Now on with the story. Well it all started about three months ago and really its been a rollercoaster ride from there on. At the moment we're through to the next round of the battle of the bands in kilkenny (The Zoo club in about three weeks, come if you can and give us some much needed support) and we're trying to get an E.P sorted out as well which will hopefully be available very soon. (keep an eye on our msspace) It's thoughy going with all of us off to college again now but we're all near Dublin (Two in Maynooth, One in U.C.D and one in D.C.U.) so it'll give us a chance to do a lot more gigs in the big city, again keep an eye on our myspace for future gig details. Well we haven't been together long so there's not much more to say. Oh except sorry we haven't any songs or pictures up, they'll be coming soon. Give me an email if your interested in having us play at your venue and i'll get a c.d out to you as soon as possible.
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