Tom Martin and band. Since 1999. Based in Outside Ireland Singer/Songwriter | Rock and Roll | genre
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Most Stories
Weekend in jail
The Northern Queen
The darkening docklands

tom martin

Members: 4
Members Names:
Pete Wingate/saxes/flute/piano.Bill Green/Fretless Bass/Glyn Drums & percussion/Tom Martin Guitars/piano/mandolin/harmonica/vocals
Acoustic Rock n Roll/Folk/Blues hybrids

contact name:Tom Martin
phone: 0121 6281275
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Tom Martin originates from Ireland as some of his best known songs testify..The Northern Queen/The Darkening Docklands/Cave Hill etc..Working from the premise that a song should be satrong enough lyrically and melodically to work both as a solo and/or a band performance Tom travels and performs his work sometimes solo with guitar piano/mandolin or with his band comprising Pete Wingate on saxes/flute /piano /Bill Green /Bass/Glyn Phillips/ Drums & Percussion..The song dictates the style ,whether its Acoustic Rock n Roll/Folk /Blues or the various hybrids Tom uses these styles like colours to paint his unique and original oictures of his life and times with wit and skill.The albums still avaiolable of Tom Martin"s music are "Darkness and Beauty".."Old Stones" .."outsiders" and a live solo in concert CD entitled "Pulling Strings". Selections from all these are available ast the websites
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