Three Places. Since 2006. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Atmospherics | Electronic
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James Hoban - Guitar, Brian Keegan - Synth,Guitar,Alan Monahan - Bass,Aaron Whooley - Drums
The Cure,A Perfect Circle,Team Sleep..We sound similar to Butterfly Explosion and Team Sleep

contact name:James Hoban
phone: 0851465949
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Three Places is a semi instrumental band, recently featuring Brian Keegan,not influenced by the usual music genres,we would like to think that we go by our own genre,although influenced by bands..Each of us have experience playing gigs from previous bands,in places like Eamon Dorans and Voodoo.we started out so we could be a change to the usual music genres that are out today,such as punk and metal,our main goal is to make music that is quite deep and atmospheric,we have new songs recorded and are still recording,when we have finished,we will start rehearsing for live gigs.All of us are very enthusiastic to perform these songs live and would hope to gather a strong following..
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