TheFlyingGypsies. Since 2005. Based in Down Heavy Rock | Blues/Rock | Rock and Roll
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Tequila Car Crash
Rosy Lea
Futurama Party People

Members: 4
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Ryan McCormick - Vocals, Chris Bateman - Bass, Rory Mckee - Guitar, Craig Meek - Drums
Rock, blues, jazz, and just about any genre. Rory Gallagher, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Led Zep. Individual influences range from straight rock to prog and classical

contact name:Craig Meek
phone: 07745020474
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The Flying Gypsies formed when four like-minded musicians crossed paths in December of 2005. This local Belfast based band, deliver a blend of blues, jazz, and some good old rock n roll.
To date the band have gigged extensively around the Belfast area, but have even ventured into the mid Ulster countryside a couple of times! The ultimate highlight was when 3 of the 4 Flying Gypsies took to the Nokia Rock up & Play unsigned stage at the 2007 Reading Festival, to bash out a high energy Tequila Car Crash.
Two EPs totalling 7 tracks have been completed in the last year, and there are plans to record more this December.
Our general rule is to make some good music and give it stacks on stage. Get your body moving at our live shows! Come witness the screaming guitar riffs of Rory Mckee, the pounding bass lines of Chris Bateman and the drum tantrums of Craig Meek. Fronted by crooner Ryan McCormick, The Flying Gypsies are an act worth checking out.
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