The Vendredis. Since 2003. Based in Dublin Rock | Punk | Alternative Rock
'The Vendredis' on IrishUnsigned music:
Harlot Girl
Summer State
Bombs Away

Members: 3
Members Names:
Brian(guitar/vox) Jonny(bass) Stevie(drums)

contact name:Jonny
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The Vendredis came together in the summer of 2003, the so-called Summer of Shrooms. With guitarist Brine Boylan and bassist Jonny B coming together to form a band based on the philosophy of living everyday as Friday. Drummers came and went especially the ones that were trying to hard. At their first gig the band realized they were singer less as guitarist/singer Dan Flemming left due to circumstances out of god's control.

Now comes the second chapter of the tale. Local seven enthuaisist Dave Plunkett the 7th offered his pipes for singing and he was drafted onboard. After a turbulent first gig, the Vendredis, who were called Seven in honor of Dave, continued to pluck along until they realized they needed a new drummer. The new drummer was no other than Stevie Clifford (who has an amazingly large belly button!). It was this more than anything that earned him his place as chief tub-meister in the band.

The band now began to practice seriously and spawn a sound that was their own. Such classics from this era include Harlot girl, Where Do you Go and Cold Feet. After a few gigs in the back alley pubs that constitute Dublin City the band got their first break at M?r 2004. They took off with their entourage of roadies, fans and groupies to the fair town of Tullamore. At this time Tullamore hadn't heard of the greatness that is the Vendredis (they know now, we made sure of that) so they were hired as security guards. Jonny managed to seduce the stage manager and they played on the main stage. This poetry in motion that is the Vendredis live show was captured by Stevie's dad who also invented the question mark. They had a warm reception at their homecoming gig at Eamonn Dorans. The gig involved lots of drunken 7's.

Now 18, The Vendredis have just finished recording their first demo and plan for intense gigging over the summer. They also have a fanbase in Canada.

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