The Skins. Since 2004. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Heavy Rock | Rock
'The Skins' on IrishUnsigned music:
Sleep when your dead
armour for emily
Adore us

Members: 3
Members Names:
Aaron Gaffey-vocal and guitar,Keith O' Neill-bass,Richie Mason-drums
led zeppelin,slayer,reuben,biffy clyro,lamb of god,mastadon and many more..............

contact name:Keith O' Neill
phone: 085 150 2640
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The Skins are a three piece alternative rock band who are based in Dublin.The band are Aaron Gaffey on guitar/vocals, Keith O' Neill on bass and Richie Mason on drums.We formed in the Ballyfermot Rock School in 2004 as part of the collage course.Because of the way we play and what we listen to, we like to challenge our selves when writing songs. Everything in a song has to be spot on.There are a lot of time changes and off beats in our music and these things need to be played over and over again to have them tight for live performances. Even though we play aggressively and headbang and move around lot on stage, everything is note for note perfect (99% of the time). We take great pride in what we play and what we have achieved musically and we go balls out every night we play to try make an exciting and energetic show that people will enjoy and hopefully keep coming back see.In a short space of time we have built up a loyal fan base thats only getting bigger.Currently we are recording our EP, yet to be tilted in SANDFIRE STUDIOS in Wexford, and would like to thank Lorcan for putting up with us. We have 5 songs down already and hope to get another 9 or 10 down and pick which ones would be suitable for the EP.fuck it, might even release an album.We would like thank everyone for their support and hope you keep headbanging!!!
THE SKINS! : )_,
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