The Side Street Doormats. Since 2006. Based in Dublin Punk/Pop | Melodic Pop/Rock | Soul
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I don't Wanna
Cash In/Sell Out

Hips Don't Lie

Members: 4
Members Names:
Sean- Vocals Guitar, Famous Al- Lead Guitar, Brian- Bass, Mike - drums

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The Sidestreet Doormats are a hard rock band based in Dublin. Using rocking covers and hard hitting originals, the band recently spent a week recording in Sean's house and the recordings are currently being mixed for inclusion on the bands debut C.D.

So we formed in december of 2006 (with the bad joke in biology and the stupid conversation on the stairs)

So for a while it was all a joke and we had no groupies or a drummer then on one faithfull thursday in pe alan and sean decided to form a real band that would practise and write songs and all that stuff but they also decided to still use the name I came up with and still wanted to do pelvic gurdels. Due to my huge amounts of fear at their seriousness they tought i would never be in the band so they practised without me- BIG MISSTAKE

I was pissed at them for it, i did form the band after all, so i said i was all for the band and so i did the unthinkable, i went against stephen nolan and practised!!! It went well. But was still kinda weird, we lacked something......

Enter Spanky! Alan and spankys dad bassically forced him into learning drums and he was then added to the band (without my permission but i didnt care- it was spanky after all) So we practised with a drummer (after alan forced spanky to ditch school) and it sounded great! We recorded pelvic gerdils and it was beeter then we had ever hoped!!!

We continued to practise with and without spanky due to his gay school and we have now even practised in loop studios (which makes us sound soooo cool)
And we now have about 6 songs (mainly covers but alan and sean have other stuff we could do) so our first ep must be on the way (during the summer wed say) BUt untill then we plan to practise as much as we can and of course begin our tour of house partys!

We hope youve enjoyed it so far and we hope you stick around for the future
Just remember...........

"Talent is no substitute for The Sidestreet Doormats! "
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