The Shed. Since 2005. Based in Cork Indie | Alternative Rock | Pop/Rock
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Hole Puncher


Members: 10
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Johnny B. Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion Bass etc...Johnny B. Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion Bass etc...
VU. Beef Heart... etc..

contact name:Rory O'Gorman
phone: 0876901667
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The name The Shed stems from where it all began. Johnny and Mick used to get together in their back sheds to drink wine and jam each week (in that order). As interest from other musician friends grew in the jamming session so did the work on Johnnies shed. Overtime the shed has become a fully sound proofed studio.

The strengths of the band are in the number of songwriters. The ability to work together and leave the egos out side the shed door. There is no need to depend on one person to come up with a quality song. There is always a new song on the go.

As more and more songs come on line you'll see the vast genres covered by the band. You'll hear influences from country to punk. You can make up your own mind as to what genre each song is.
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