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The Licks formed in 2002 after going 6 years in school together doing nothing in that time! The original line up had 4 members Kieran, Craig, Ciaran and Michael. We rehearsed as much as we could in Craigs garage and played some gigs and then at the start of the summer 2003 recorded a demo. After the demo was recorded things started to go down hill for the band. Craig and Kieran left the band by mutual agreement and that left Ciaran and Michael.
This brought a little change of sound and a more rock sound was wanted. Out went keyboards and in cam lead guitar.The only problem was to find one!If that wasnt bad enough a drummer and place to rehearse would prove pretty difficult aswell.
Today The Licks current lineup is Ciaran - Bass, Michael - singer/guitarist. The band have been in contact with a lead guitarist and a drummer and have found a new home to practice in.
A new demo is set to be recorded once the line up is complete, with Michael constantly trying to write new material.
What will the future hold???
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