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Blank Canvas
Break Me Out
Summer Rain (Acoustic)

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The Eclectic are:
Kevin O'Brien - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Liam O'Brien - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Keith Murphy - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Stephen McCormack - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Mick Power - Drums, Percussion

The Eclectic are a five piece band from Dublin consisting of brothers Kev and Liam O? Brien, Keith Murphy, Mick Power and Ste McCormack. Origins can be traced as far back as 2002 but from 2004 onward the band have been forging their reputation live around Dublin and in early 2005 they completed their long awaited demo ?Songs For a Blank Canvas?.

The Eclectic originally formed in Tallaght, a large residential area in South Dublin, in 2002 when Brothers Liam and Kev started jamming in the O'Brien household. Keith Murphy (a close friend of Liams) was soon invited to these exclusive get together and the three soon started to do not very much at all.

Kev and Mick met in college and quickly found out they had a similar interest in talking shite about, but also playing, music. The 4 soon started to play in practice studios around Dublin and played their first gig at Kev?s 21st. The band at this stage had no name and played all covers (mostly crap ones).

After that they did pretty much nothing together for about a year and a half. In that time Kev got an 8 track digital recorder and started writing and recording songs with Brother Liam. A friend of Kev?s, Ste, on listening to some of Kev?s stuff realised that he wasn't a talentless plonker and started writing songs with him. After deciding to get up off their arses the 5 lads got together and started practicing these new songs.

The second gig came along when Brian, Keith?s brother, asked them to play at his 21st and unleashing their sound onto the unsuspecting public (their mates). This is when the band came up with the name "The Eclectic", ditching the previous name, "The Freakin? Urinal Cakes". With this new name it was time to unleash their sound on the general public (the real public).

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