The Candides. Since 2007. Based in Louth Indie | Melodic Pop/Rock | Singer/Songwriter
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Patsy Cline Blues
As Crystal Hearts Ache


Members: 2+
Members Names:
Fergal Heeney - vox,piano,guitar /Jessica de Korte - violin,backing vocals,glockenspiel. We perform as a duo mainly
Divine Comedy, Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley, De Dannan, Jacques Brel, Lennon & Mc Cartney, Tom Waits, Arvo Part, Philip Glass, Chopin, Dvorak

contact name:Fergal Heeney
phone: 0871220473
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Formed in the spring of 2007 the Candides perform mainly as a duo comprising of Dundalk singer/songwriter Fergal Heeney and Den Haag violinist Jessica de Korte.

The summer of 2007 saw the Candides (who incidentally took their name from Voltaires’ satire on contemporary philosophy ‘CANDIDE’) play alongside Fight like Apes and The Aftermath in an up’n coming night at the Spirit Store and support to The Cherries as well as an appearance at the Tall Poppy Club anniversary concert with SJ mc Ardle, Pete Courtney and Annette Buckley among others.

The winter was quiet on the gig front as they prepared to record their debut album. Recorded in Ireland and The Netherlands it features concert oboist Nieke Schouten, concert cellist Daniel Brandl, bass guitarist Peter Baldwin and drummer/percussionist Jareth Tait.

Fergal Heeneys songwriting style is everchanging and accordingly has seen him share the bill with a diverse range of artists such as Gemma Hayes, Pauline Scanlon, Donogh Hennessy (Lunasa), Jinx Lennon and the Gugenheim Grotto who he toured with alongside Stewart Agnew in the summer of 2006 performing at venues such as Roisin Dubh, Cleeres, Mc Garrigles, Crawdaddy, The Spirit Store, GLOR and IONTAS theatres.

Jessica de Korte toured with Dutch composer/conductor Ruud van Eeten’s orchestra performing his interpretation of ‘The Tempest’ at poppodium 013 in The Netherlands. She also collaborated with Dublin folksinger/songwriter Paul O’ Brien, playing in severel theatres, shortly before moving to Dublin where she became a regular feature at the Cobblestone sessions.

With Heeney citing Chopin, Arvo Part, The Beatles, early Van, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright and Sigur Ros as influences on his songwriting and De Korte’s transition from concert violinist to the irish trad session scene, purists might expect a musical hybrid not to their liking although the singer/songwriter believes: Melody transcends all forms of harmony while musical genres close in and out on each other periodically, like the moon tides.They interweave and change themselves constantly. Its like the musical equivalent of the reverse big bang is just around the corner, but just when its about to happen... the tide goes out!

Their debut maxi single ‘The Highlights’ from the forthcoming album ‘The Clown Who Made It To The Big Top’ will be officially released with full band ensemble on the 21st of August in the Spirit Store...
Other gigs:
6th of August: Zodiac Sessions, Dublin
14th of August: Yukon Bar, The Stables, Mullingar
14th of September: Sunday Roast, Dublin
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