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We are a two-piece band consisting of two Brothers Sam and Michael Allen from Belfast, N. Ireland. Our session bass player and guitarist are both from Los Angeles where we have been taking our music and business for the past year. Upon hearing a rough demo, ex-Papa Roach Manager Gary Avila had recently flown the band out first class in order to record a new EP to pitch to American Labels. We have just finished working with Producer/Engineer James Murray who has worked with Alien Ant Farm, Papa Roach, Linkin Park etc. Though he was more impressed with our maturity as a young band of 21 to 23 year old.

'We feel accepted in the States and with the friends that we've made within the Industry. I always felt our music to be more American influenced more so than British. I guess it was because we were brought up similar to Van Morrison; surrounded by great music' - Sam Allen

Just recently Ian Montone (Lawyer and Manager of The White Stripes) has expressed his loyal support as our Lawyer upon hearing the finished EP. Other great comments and help have come from Tony Kanal (Bass Player from Rock Group 'No Doubt?)

'It's good to see bands from Northern Ireland getting media attention and respect for their efforts at last thanks to fellow bands Snow Patrol, Leya and Ash. Bands that originate from N. Ireland have more of a challenge than bands in LA or London where the right person is nearer your door. I'm glad to see hard work pay off for a change as a career in music is never guaranteed, sometimes instead you end up cleaning windows'.
- Michael Allen

'We have been described as a young REM and comparisons to Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Doves and Tom Petty have all but given the band great rep with support from Beach Boys co-songwriter and Silver chair Producer Van Dyke Parks who we consider to be a dear friend to us'. - Mike Hill. (Bass)

With a management deal secured and a top Lawyer on board, it is only a matter of time before the Belfast band get their big break in the States which will help Northern Irish Artists to be recognised.

Our influences are many. You can see a few of them by checking out the links page on our website. This is our Biography to date.

Thanks for Reading.

Craig Tarrant.
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