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First things first - hailing from Ireland?s answer to Seattle, i.e. - Downpatrick (Home of Ash and Relish)

The Answer is:
Cormac Neeson - The man with the Voice,
James Heatley - Drums,
Paul Mahon - Guitars,
Mick Waters - Bassman

Straight away influences from Classic Rock acts such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Stones and The Doors are apparent in The Answers lead vocals, but when you dig a little deeper it soon becomes clear that there?s a lot more to The Answer; with harmonies and backing vocals reminiscent of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Stevie Wonder and even The Beatles.

Somehow The Answer manage to encompass all of the best bits of the great bands of the 60?s and 70?s - but they also take this one step further, adding a youthful energy and a modern day edge as do no other band in Ireland today.

?The Answer are like Free but with the added bonus of mesmerising samples, tribal drums beats and infectious guitar pieces that get to you every time? - Colin Devine - Down Democrat

What The Answer believe in:

Most importantly we believe in the music and in each other. ?We love the natural high of playing live - there?s no other feeling like it in the world? (Cormac Neeson). ?When we play - we sweat & bleed to give the best possible show that we have in us - because we think the audience deserves that? (James Heatley).

Some of our highlights so far include playing to a capacity crowd on the Rising Stage at last years (2002) Witnness Festival. With members of Hundred Reasons and Relish in the audience and later dining with the legendary Sonic Youth and The Beta Band.

Other important gigs for The Answer include having been the headline act for the Saint Patrick?s Day Festival at City Hall in Belfast on 17th March 2002, a special guest appearance at the County Down Blues Festival (Downpatrick - Summer 2003) and being the launch act for the World Special Olympics in Ireland.

Add to this serious coverage on all of the major radio stations in Northern Ireland (Cool FM, City Beat, Ulster), as well as selected airplay in Dublin, Cork and Galway; the use of our song ?Tonight? as the accompanying music for the closing credits on programmes on BBC1 and BBC2; accolades such as ?Single of the Week? in the Evening Herald and ?Demo of the Fortnight? in Hot Press; and an endless stream of personal e-mails requesting more information and music from record companies across the world, renowned booking agents and management companies?

?This band is ?The Answer? that Downpatrick and the rest of Ireland have been waiting so long for? - Barry O?Kane - Big Buzz Magazine

??So it would seem that all the hard work that this band puts in is actually starting to pay off and about time too! You?d have to be pretty harsh to say they don?t deserve it!? Philip Crossey - Belfast News & Alternative Ulster Magazine

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