Strangle The Dogs. Since 2006. Based in Kildare Pop/Rock | Blues/Rock | Alternative Rock
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Members: 5
Members Names:
Seamus Sheedy-Lead Guitar ,Steve Morrissey-Vocals,John Kearney-Drums,Kerrie Sheedy-Bass,Sean Suillivan-Rhythm Guitar
The WIldhearts,Lynard Skynard , Smashing Pumpkins,

contact name:Kerrie Sheedy
phone: 0851311616
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Strangle The Dogs are an original rock band based in Kildare town.

They consist of

Vocals;Steve Morrissey

drums;John Kearney

guitar;Seamus Sheedy

bass;Kerrie Sheedy

The bands music ranges from alternative to classic rock, combined with there raw energetic sound, their drive and energy come through at every performance.
The Kildare four piece have recently travelled to England to record their demo with producer Stuart Epps(Chris Rea Robbie Williams George Harrision) .

They are currently recording their new E.P Disciplined Failure , which will be released July 2008
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