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The band that eventually evolved into Stoat originated in south-eastern
Ireland (Wexford) in 1987. We are friendly and good-humoured and we like
Fiddler on the Roof, hurling (the sport), weird shit, poetry, ROCK, rhythmic balance, shouting 'HOI!', fun, the smell off the sea, motown-era pop etc.,etc. We don't like having jobs and we are afraid of dying.

The music: "nursery rhymes, singalong choruses, relentless drumming and Russian weirdness with lyrics about ducks, flying dogs, long fingers and south county Wexford"

The band doesn't gig that often due to complicated personal lives, but you can find us irregularly in places like Doran's, Whelan's, The Lower Deck and The Sugar Club. We've released four singles locally, two of which were, to our surprise, 'hits' on the popular pirate station Phantom FM (Phantom). We have one albu, "Future come and get me", which you can buy on our website
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