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Silver Lining
Two Wheels Only
Body Blow
Tearing Apart At The Seams

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Formed in Dublin in late 2003, old school mates Jack Walsh, (vocals/guitar) Ralph Murphy, (guitar) & Dave McGrath (Bass) hooked up with hard hitting drummer Paul Price to complete the Still Life line up in the summer of 2004. Since than, the band's unique mix of duelling guitars & pounding rhythm section has caught many an eye across Ireland's music scene. If noise equaled notoriety, Still Life would be the most infamous band in Ireland. These guys are villains for volume.

Celebrating their new Silver Lining EP a fortnight ago with a gig in Slattery’s of Capel Street, Dublin’s loudest four-piece almost blew the walls off one of the capital’s long-established rock venues. ‘We like to crank it up,’ says frontman Jack Walsh. ‘But the guys in Slattery’s wanted us to lower down and said we were the loudest band ever to play there. Nice one.’

But there’s more to Still Life than being proudly loud - as one listen to their debut EP Silver Lining, recorded in November 2005 will confirm.

Containing four tracks - Silver Lining, Two Wheels Only, Body Blow and the beautiful atmospheric Tearing Apart at the Seams - it showcases a rock band on top form, with McGrath’s thumping bass and the stomping drums of Price providing the platform for Murphy and Walsh’s twin guitar assault.

The sound is topped off with Walsh’s assured vocal delivery. So different to anything found in this genre, it really makes Still Life stand out from the rest. 'We're about screaming guitars & amps at eleven alright, but don’t forget the chorus,' says axeman Murphy. 'It’s the melody that’s most important. That's the universal appeal to Still Life & what we believe to be the basis for a good song'.

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