Sons Of Jacobian. Since 2006. Based in Dublin Pop/Rock | Melodic Pop/Rock | Alternative Rock
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Darren Browne - Vox and Guitar, Ken Walsh - Drums Darren Lyndsey - Bass
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Formed in late 2005, Sons of Jacobian, a trio from West-Dublin started out as three college mates having a jam but soon turned into a serious rock outfit looking to make their mark on the Irish and International music scene. With a mix heavy riffs and melodic bass lines SOJ produce a sound like no other and this is what makes SoJ so different from the rest. SOJ have a full-bodied and raw sound that really grabs you by the scruff of the neck and demands your attention. They will show you a live presence like no other and amaze you with their display of energetic and full chested songs. They are an ambitious and driven band with high prospects. The healthy blend of driving fast paced drum tracks with chunky ballsy guitar riffs that are all blended together with melodic running bass lines will create a different experience for you rock ..n.. roll music lovers. They are bursting onto the Dublin scene with an amazing and exhilarating live set that will blow you away from start to finish. Get ready for the ringing in your ear drums!!! Their music really needs no explanation, just sit back, turn the stereo to max and let the music speak for itself
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