Sirocco. Since 2003. Based in Cork Heavy Metal | Celtic |
'Sirocco' on IrishUnsigned music:
An Tríu Creathán
Abyss (Claycastle Sessions)

Members: 5
Members Names:
Jim Tobin, John Owens, Paul Flynn, Ciaran O Cearuill, Robert Kiernan
Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Belinus, Rotting Christ, Katatonia

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are a 4-piece, mostly instrumental, metal band from the south of Ireland, with both Celtic and Thrashy influence.

Sirocco, as they are now, have been playing together, gigging and writing original material since June 2003

Sirocco was formed in February 2003, with original members J. Tobin, Fearghal Maher, Shane O' Brien and Daniel O' Brien. Within the first week, the band had written their first original song - "Trapped". One week later, The Central Bar in Cappoquin hosted their first gig.

In April 2003, Shane and Daniel parted ways with the band. Fearghal and J continued to pen riffs and vocal lines while searching for replacements, and so was born "Euthanasia". After a 2 month search, John Owens took over the role of lead guitarist, and Robert Kiernan on drums and both original songs were re-written to fit Sirocco's new style. Pat O' Mahony joined the band as Sirocco's original bass player soon afterwards.

BPM Studios Douglas was the site of Sirocco's first studio recorded and produced demo in the fall of 2003. This 4 track was to include the re-written "Trapped" and "Euthanasia" as well as a new title "My Time".

In February of 2004, 3 days before Sirocco's anniversary gig, Fearghal parted ways with the band, citing health problems. Pat stepped down on bass later in the year, as he had to concentrate on his exams, and didnt have time to commit to Sirocco full time.

At this stage, the band decided to take a new direction, and a new sound. They would reinvent themselves as "Celtic Thrash". With a new bass player, in the form of Ciaran O' Cearuill, the band began to strengthen.

Since January of 2005, Sirocco have played numerous gigs in Cork and Waterford, including a mini-tour with Cork band, Serum, being hailed as the "new age Thin Lizzy", and have also recorded one new track "Christian Cry" for a benefit cd, in aid of Cork's most alternative radio station, Freak FM.

Their full length album, "Nemed: An Triu Creathan" is due to be independantly released in August, with artwork by award winning, celtic tattoo artist, Pete Clough, and a string of gigs are in the works to help promote it.
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