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At the age of 25 this young lady is showing her exceptional talent to write big pop songs.

Shelley was introduced to Religion Music in 2003 years ago when she was runner up in 'Pop Stars' and Simon Cowell's favorite. She began recording with Religion Music after turning down an offer from Louis Walsh to be in UK pop band 'Hear Say'.

But her recording came to a sudden end when she was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Shelley spent a year and a half recovering from her treatment and got straight back into her writing and recording.

Stronger and with a more focused zest to life her album is almost complete. Shelleys ability to spot and write good pop tunes is remarkable. She has written songs that have been requested by some of the worlds biggest pop stars but has declined there kind offers to use her songs.

She feels that at this time she wants to perform them herself. 'Hit It' is a great pop song that uses the classic track JeTaime from Serge Gainsbourg. While 'Be My Double O' is using the James Bond theme.

Other songs that Shelley has written are up there with the best Pop/R n B song that are released today. From Ballads to Club Tracks to just-out-of-the-box pop smash records, her talent is extremely special.

But it does not stop there.

Shelley is also a professional Choreographer and Belly Dancer and has been a top model in Ireland for years, and also a runner up in Miss Ireland. She has also been in major advertising campaigns for companies in magazines, billboards and TV as well a appearing in several foreign films. The biggest been Joel Schumackers film Veronica Guerin
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