Selenium. Since 2005. Based in Limerick Heavy Metal | Heavy Rock | genre
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King Bubbly
Black Sea

Members: 3
Members Names:
Cian Scanlon - Vocals & Guitars, Alan Keary - Bass & Vocals, Myles O'Callaghan - Drums & Vocals
Mastodon, System Of A Down, Metallica, Mudvayne, Lamb Of God and Psyatica!

contact name:Myles O'Callaghan
phone: +353851192822
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Selenium began during the summer of 2005 with three original members- Cian Scanlon, Alan Keary and Myles O'Callaghan. A fourth member, Dylan Murphy joined the band but left in February 2006 because of disagreements. Selenium had only just begun writing original material in November and the played their first gig on 23rd December 05 with Psyatica and Shadowvain. By April the band had already organised a mini tour around Ireland with gigs in Limerick, Tipperary, Galway and Dublin. The band boosted their popularity in February as participants the BlastBeat Competition at Dolan’s Warehouse and again in April at Limerick Riverfest. Selenium continued gigging until September and began recording a three-track demo with Dave Keary at Red Door Productions and finished the CD in October. The three tracks included the original songs - King Bubbly, Black Sea and G.W.O.C. Now, after slightly over a year Selenium have written 14 original songs and have played many gigs and built up a small fan base in the Limerick area… I should finish with a cheesy quote or something but all I'm gonna say as - "Alan likes men...."
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