Secret Police. Since Dec 2005. Based in Limerick Rock | Alternative Rock | Rock and Roll
'Secret Police' on IrishUnsigned music:
Bootie Call
Just Me
No Name

Members: 4
Members Names:
1.Peter Mullins/guitar/vocals 2.Bob Ryan/guitar/vocals 3.Colin Deane/Bass 4.Paddy O'Meara/Drums/Vocals
Lifehouse, Pearl Jam, Foo fighter

contact name:Sam Walter
phone: +353872270306
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There is no real secret is there? Your thoughts may be your own but your experience probably isn't unique. Everything you do in the dark, every secret you harbour, every joy you feel, every sorrow you suffer, by mathematical probability, somebody out there has probably experienced it, lived it and moved on. It appears nobody is that special.

If character is what you are in the dark, then Secret Police is the band with the night vision, watching, taking notes, and violating it with a tune. Writing songs about life, love and lost, joy and happiness, lust and longing, and splicing them to catchy, lively, energetic, mass consumable tunes for your everday consumption. It's music that goes down easy, makes you happy, makes you crazy. We are not here to reinvent the wheel, break any mould or distill any great truths. We are writing life's propaganda and coupling them to infectious tunes. We are here, to entertain.
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