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Scribble emerged fully formed in Dublin in July 2001, though they had all played together in various formats in Cork and Galway. Having gigged around the country, in 2003 they released their debut album, Thought for the Day, to critical acclaim.

Scribble are currently taking a break from gigging to and are writing and recording their second album which is due to be released in 2007.

Led by charismatic Corkman Declan Carey, Scribble produce what has been labelled 'strangely compelling' and 'bristling, intelligent guitar pop.' Neil Cremen plays drums, Dara Curran plays keyboards and Yvonne Igoe supplies vocals and melodica.

They've gigged in some of the country's top venues, including Whelans and The Cobblestone in Dublin, The Lobby and the Half Moon Club in Cork City, and De Barras in Clonakilty.

What do Scribble do? From songs about small-town, large-trousered Casanovas ('Barry Sebastian') to winsome tunes about dreams gone sour ('Tuesday Afternoon'; 'Sing Your Song'), Scribble have produced an album with rocking-out energetic guitars and folk-tinged contemplations in equal measure, often within the same song which will make your eardrums tickle in anticipation.


“Their debut album is a strong case of playing hard but fair, a showcase of their talents but not being too clever-clever about it… main songwriter Declan Carey invests small-town songs (including Tuesday Afternoon, Those Two Lovers) with big ideas that are expressed coherently and with no small degree of wit. Not so much a Scribble then as a burgeoning success writ large.? Tony Clayton-lea (The Irish Times, The Ticket)

"Opening with some of the raspingest guitar chords I've heard in a while, (Barry Sebastian) … Much to his credit, vocalist Declan sings in his own accent-inflected voice which makes a change from the fake Britpoppers and Mid-Atlantic accents that usually infect Irish singers. For that alone, I'd like to hear more". Jackie Hayden (Hot Press)

“The tunes are catchy but intelligent, and there are a few stand our singles on the album should the band decide to release them.? Michael Carr (Inside Cork)

?No comic rock stars these, but fully drawn musicians and singers? (The Irish Times)
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