Rodger Christmann. Since 2000. Based in Outside Ireland Melodic Pop/Rock | Blues | Singer/Songwriter
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Members: 2
Members Names:
Rodger Christmann, Rick Kus
The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Moody Blues, John Martyn, Joni Mitchell

contact name:Rodger Christmann
phone: Germany 0049-69-559667
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Soulful Acoustic Rock and Pop from Germany

German singer/guitarist Rodger Christmann plays soulful acoustic rock and pop with a contemporary “New Age Classic Sound" that bears the hallmarks of Bread, Clapton and Paul Young.

Rodger Christmann is the singer/guitarist of the band and a strong traditional style songwriter, who writes and produces all the songs.
His distinctive, passionate, and smoky vocal style reflects the influences of Tom Waits, Rod Stewart, and John Martyn. Vocals are well balanced with his bluesy, economic acoustic and electric guitar style, which instantly reminds you of Eric Clapton, Chris Rea and Mark Knopfler. Rodger Christmann has been playing music since the late 1960s with various bands, and in the early 1990s he started his own project "Rodger Christmann" with his friend and musical partner Rick Kus, who performs on Keyboards and Accordion.

His outstanding EP "Blue," released in 2004 by GMM Records (UK), was well received by musicians and music lovers all over the globe, and received radio airplay in France, Germany, and the U.K. The album reached no.1 in the Acoustic & Pop album charts at in Australia. It is now distributed through The Orchard (New York), and available worldwide at digital outlets like Apple's iTunes and Microsoft's MSN.

Currently Christmann is working on his debut album, scheduled for release in 2006. The album will include Christmann’s originally composed tunes, and will feature Rick Kus, as well as guest musicians Stefan Faust on percussion and Sebastian Teufel (Yellow Jumps Twice) on guitar and mandolin.


Released by GMM Records(UK)
2004 EP "Blue"
2004 Christmas Single "Seasons Greetings"
2003 Promo Single "Ania," by Howard Rosen Promotion
(LA California)

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