Ro Tierney. Since 2007. Based in Dublin Singer/Songwriter | Ska | Pop/Rock
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Ro Tierney - Vocals, guitar & piano, songwriter. Robbie Mulvany - acoustic fretless bass. Andrew Quinn - Drums
The Black Seeds, Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Radiohead

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"Having spent my late teens immersed in a usual band of hopes and dreams, egos and eegits, fists and fashion issues, I eventually broke free to find out what exactly I wanted from music - or what music wanted from me.

Not being trapped in the boundaries of a common 4-piece rock band was new and refreshing, albeit scary and somewhat lonely. I now found myself with an infinite horizon and endless possibilites of where I could go with music. I began writing a new breed of song and performed solo to audiences around Ireland, usually as an opening act. The reaction was great and excited me but I still felt like a half-ass songwriter. I grew tiered of my songs as I felt they lacked...something. I needed a change - not in music - but in life. I needed to experience something different - be somewhere different. I decided to go as far away as possible and leave my half empty glass behind me.
Over the course of two years I travelled around New Zealand and Australia. I became deeply inspired by these countries and the amazing people I met along the way. I bought myself a new guitar and my glass filled quite quickly. The songs that came out were like nothing else I had written at home - they were effortless and felt "right". I wrote songs in magic surroundings from the breath-taking hills of south New Zealand to the chilled out beaches around Australia's sunny coast. Towards the end of my trip I realised I had an album I needed to make.
Now I find myself in the driving seat on a winding road with no traffic lights or road signs - just blind faith in frequencies I know nothing about. I think I found what I wanted from music - or what music wanted from me."
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