Richie McCoy. Since 2002. Based in Limerick Singer/Songwriter | Folk | Pop/Rock
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Colum's Song
Holding On
Just be you

12 Days

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Richie McCoy-vocals & guitar, Nick Carswell-vocals & piano & bass, Blaine Macessy-piano & piano accordian, Paul O'Connor-Guitar, Bart Kiley-Percussion
John Martyn, Damien Dempsey

contact name:Richie McCoy
phone: 0864000171
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Richie McCoy has been gigging now for 10 years and has played support to the likes of BellX1, Mundy and Damien Dempsey. He was also on the same bill as The Violent Femmes but due to illness had to pull out. 2007 has been marked as Richie's year with him just finishing his debut album '12 days'. The album which is produced by Ronan Johnston follows up Richie's E.P. 'Black on White' which received top reviews from the likes of 2006 PPI winner Mike Knightson on 'Green and Live'. Going hand in hand with the album will be a nationwide tour, so please keep an eye on myspace or which will be up and running shortly for dates to catch the Limerick man.
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