Republic of Loose. Since 2002. Based in Dublin Pop/Rock | Blues/Rock |
'Republic of Loose' on IrishUnsigned music:
Comeback Girl

Members: 6
Members Names:
Mik Pyro, Dave Pyro, Coz Noleon, Bres, Benjamin Loose, Deco
Rick James, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Snoop, Bobby Brown

contact name:Loaded Dice Records
phone: 00353 1 6799114
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Republic of Loose came together from the ashes of a band called Johnny Pyro and the Rock Coma in 2001.Dave and Michael had been working together under that moniker for several years previous,making a kind of grimy sub-gospel noise.

Though both came from a blues background,Dave and Michael had traveled distinct musical paths before joining forces.Dave had been making deliciously Tim Buckley-esque constructions with his band Sportsman.Michael had been writing subversive pop songs for his kid sisters band Chicks.

In 1998 he recorded an Album with them in Philadelphia under the auspices of the legendary Royal Trux.They were promptly dropped. Around this time Dave and Michael began playing blues together in their kitchens and in un-peopled venues, learning the true art of performance and showmanship before strange and difficult crowds. As they began to assimilate other influences, such as Sly and the Family Stone, Mahalia Jackson and the Wu-Tang Clan they became Johnny Pyro and the Rock Coma.However, it was only in 2001 with the advent of four young, hungry and extremely gifted new members that the band began to refine their sound into the, sinuous and beautiful conflation of styles that it has now become.

Brez had learned to play guitar with Dave years before, jamming blues and soul and drinking whiskey.As such they played with a Stones like synergy. Brez brought in his compadre Deco on keys,chiseled melodies, the crystalline line cohesion. Coz Noleon, an old school friend of Michael Pyro, brought fiery rock energy. Benjamin Loose brought a Kabbalistic understanding of the dangerous properties of bass. They changed their name to Republic of Loose, and began to rehearse constantly,cannibalising such influences as the Rolling Stones, Howlin Wolf, Al Green, James Brown, Rick James,Earth Wind and Fire, The Ohio Players, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Cameo, Hall and Oates,Scritti Politti, A.B.C, Slick Rick, Missy and Timbaland, Outkast, Cash Money, Capleton, Elephant Man,Eightball,, Cee-lo Green.In 2003 they signed to Big Cat records, once host to Jeff Buckley, Will Oldham, Grandaddy,Pavement and Mikey Dread.

They recorded their debut album This is the Tomb of the Juice in March of that year. It was released in 2004 and garnered some excited and disgusted press and radioattention in Ireland and Europe. Emerging as the most exciting live act in the country, they quickly garnered a sizable and loyal fan base. Their mesmerising live performances led to tour support withthe Neville Brothers, the Thrills, the Zutons, the Scissor Sisters, Alabama 3, Fun Lovin Criminals,Snow Patrol, The Roots, Dilated Peoples, as well as festival appearances at Glastonbury, T in the park,the Fleadh, Oxygen and the Transmusicale, Nice Jazz and Furia Sound festivals in France.
They have completed successful headline tours of the U.K. and Ireland and are currently recording material for a second Album.

The single "Comeback Girl" was released in July 2005 and became a huge radio hit in Ireland.

"You Know It" was released in October of that year and became an even bigger hit.
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