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Repel are a four piece Rock/Pop band from Crumlin in Dublin with Paul Daly (lead Guitar, vocals), Karl Genochi (Bass), Paddy O’Keeffe (Drums), Iain Breen (Guitar, vocals)

They list amongst their musical influence the likes of Thin Lizzy, Greenday, Aerosmith, U2, Blink 182 and the list goes on. Formed back in June 2001, Paddy and Karl asked Paul to join a band called ‘Stolen Youth’ and be Lead Guitarist. Shortly after this Paul became Lead Guitarist/Singer with the departure of ‘Stolen Youth’s’ then fourth member Ray O’Loughlin. They changed their name to ‘Purple’ but soon thought better of that and settled with ‘Repel’ (a name they chose by flicking through the dictionary!!!)

They rehearsed in Cross Studios in Crumlin and in the shed at the back of one their houses. At this stage it was all cover versions and they played their first gig on the 24th October 2001 at the Terenure College Music Festival. The following night they played a gig at the Clifton Court Hotel and this became a regular fortnightly spot for them. While still gigging and rehearsing and entering various talent competitions they wrote their first song ‘About You’. They recorded this at Ikor studios in January 2002.

Soon after recording their first song they began thinking of engaging the help of a Manager to help give them structure, discipline and direction. In April 2002 after performing at a talent competition in The Submarine Bar, Crumlin, they approached Hugh Condron and asked him to manage them. Hugh spent some time talking and discussing their plans, ambitions and commitment before deciding to take them on.

This marked a significant change in Repel’s direction. Cover versions took a back seat and the emphasis was firmly on writing original material. They also now had to deal with someone constantly watching them and advising what and what not to do. A new backline setup was bought so they could work on their musical performances and to give them the freedom to rehearse when they wanted.

That’s exactly what they did during the summer of 2002 and in early August they went into Trackmix Studio to record a demo CD. While in the studio they were invited to play at the Blast Fest in Waterford where they played on two nights. In September 2002 they went back into Trackmix to re-record their first song ‘About You’ with a view to having it released as a single and completed it’s production in October.

They played in The Red Box at the Halloween Blast and in December played a Christmas gig for the inmates of Mountjoy Prison in Dublin and got a great reaction from the crowd. 2003 has been quiet, performance wise, with exams looming. However, the song writing and the rehearsing continue. Iain Breen joined Repel in April as Rhythm Guitarist and backing vocalist as the band felt that a fourth members presence would help enhance the bands live performances and bring in new creative ideas. After headlining at two Music Festivals in Terenure College in May the band now have their final school exams to finish.

So, as for the future of ‘Repel’…………………………………………………
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