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red letters
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morgan clifford-guitar, simon mcmahon-guitar, stephen byrne-drums, brian flood-bass, shane smyth-vocals
GnR, ac/dc, led zep, sabbath, metallica, foo fighters, green day, pantera, alice in chains, faith no more

contact name:morgan clifford
phone: 087-9525934
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Hey there were Red Letters were a 5 piece from drogheda guitarx2, drums, bass and vocals and weve been together about 6 mnths now. It all started as so many things do with a drunken txt from myself (mo) to simon shortly after the break up of my previous band and we decided to do sumpin original so from there the writing started and we got in contact with stephen who i played with in the previous band and we started gettin a bit more structure to the songs we were writing. after stephen we needed a singer and after goin through 2 not so succesful singers we contacted shane and he came and helped us out, which opened the door for brian who was a friend of simon and shane and we finally had a complete lineup and the rest as they say is history or future hopefully!

Our influences are far and wide ranging, i myself am a huge fan of guns n roses or slash to be more exact, also metallica, pantera,green day , and the foos and more recently kingsx who are a fantastically heavy melodic band and a must for ne1 into melodic clever rock also thin lizzy, love that guitar sound fan bloody tastic. ac/dc is a common love for the lot of us cos they rock hard! Brian is the funk master, simon is the prog lord, stephen is pure metal to his core, shane wud be a faith no more fanatic and we all come together with a spoon from each mind to create what you hear.

We recently recorded our debut ep "Silence is the Enemy" with Rory O Connor in Balbriggan Co. Dublin and he did a first rate job and i hope we didnt wreck his head too much cos we wud love to work with him again hes a top man!

On the gig fromt we have done one gig for a charity no less and it was great to get back to the stage cos thats ultimately why were doin this, to perform live and warp some minds wherever possible. Hopefully have some gigs soon that we can inform you about and until then i bid u farewell!
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