Rebecca Howles. Since 1987. Based in Dublin Singer/Songwriter | Blues | genre
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Rebecca Howles - Vox and guitar
Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Katell Kienig, Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley, Muse, Billy Holiday, Michelle Shocked, Bessie Smith, Nina Simone.

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phone: 086 3768271
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Rebecca's first stage experience was appearing as a special guest at Vicar Street at the age of 13. It was love at first sound. Since then she has been gigging as often as possible in order to maintain and nurture this performance addiction. In 2004, her first EP entitled ' Everything is music' was released independently. This is for sale so for info email She considers herself as much a lyricist as a singer and enjoys the challenge of writing songs in different styles, which makes her difficult to categorise as she moves easily from Rock to Blues to Country to Swing! Sometimes she writes with herself in mind, sometimes the song would be suited to another singer entirely and sometimes they are definitely 'Stage Musical' oriented. She currently works professionally as a busker for Dublin markets, singing feel good cover songs and loves seeing people out enjoying the music.
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