Pope Opium. Since 2003. Based in Waterford Atmospherics | Electronic | Alternative Rock
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Luke Creed - Guitar, keys, Drum Sequencer, Production
Progressive, Ambient Electronica

contact name:Luke Creed
phone: 0876574428
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This project was initially a band with Luke Creed and Kieth Guinan but for the moment is a solo production Project by Luke Creed, If u have any queries or like the music please contact me. I Will remix or produce music for anybody. Check out www.myspace.com/lukecreed & www.myspace.com/ministryofenlightenment for more of my work!

I have just released a new song on downloadmusic.ie its called chilled check it out on my myspace page or the 30 second sample provided by downloadmusic.ie

All of the tracks i have made under the name pope opium are dedicated to a close friend Mike Power who died 3 years ago.
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