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All the same
Angel on your porch
The little things
Softer side

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So What to say...... It's always when it comes to writing things like these that you find it hard to strike a nice balance between coming across as a proper musician who appreciates music and someone who doesn't take it all too seriously!

I am going to opt out of this one, I've been playing music for a long time and have always tried to improve. I like to keep changing my site to keep it interesting but I find that after a while you run out of things to say......

Give some of the songs a listen and see what you think, I am always available to do gigs anywhere in the Dublin area and would appreciate any support offers!

I'm a Dublin based singer songwriter. 22 years of age, I've been giging around the city for about 3 years now and I've played pretty much everywhere there is to play.

Check out my website for news of upcoming gigs, full bio and tracks from my latest EP. Feel free to e-mail with any comments.
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