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A 3 piece, melodic, post rock band originally from Galway. Formed in the early stages of the millennium.

Heavily influenced by 60's 70's & early 90's music. The band flip between alt rock & acoustic melodies to form simple songs that stand out.

Page27 has participated in many battle of the bands competitions all over the country. Often receiving a better response than the winners. They have Played support to bands like Herm, El Diablo & Earthquake Hair.

Members of the band have come & gone & come again. At present Michael Gilchrist is the singer/songwriter. Jason Carthy from Kells on Bass & beat poet Baz Pierce from Tallaght on Drums.

The Band have collaborated with members of Alphastates & Kingsativa.

Page27 will be playing support to many top artists around the country. So look out!

Eager to release Their debut album 'Prevail'. Hoping this will stand the test of time.

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