PARADOX. Since 1996. Based in Cork Alternative Rock | Heavy Rock | Rock
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Corporate Pollution
Downward Spiral
Lame & Languid

Lame & Languid

Members: 3
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mike, pete, jonny
Alice in Chains, Silverchair, Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, The Tea Party

contact name:Mike Mac
phone: 087-6208226
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'Fresh Passionate Alternative Rock', is the only way to describe the Irish based trio 'PARADOX'. These guys are a commanding force in the New Music Arena, taking the listener on a musical journey filled with Expression, Truth and Integrity'

PARADOX, A Powerful Alternative Rock outfit, officially formed in Cork Ireland, in the spring of 1996. Having extensively played the local circuit, establishing a large fan base, and fine tuning their sound, PARADOX venture to the USA in early 2000 where a Recording contract with a Los Angeles based Independent label, was secured. Having recorded a truly original 12 Track album, entitled 'Circle of Growth', PARADOX returned to Ireland, to make preparations for it's imminent release, playing Electrifying live shows, both in Ireland and the USA, in turn increasing their fan base, and launching their self-created website, just mere examples of the bands own hard work, enthusiasm and dedication.

PARADOX are a combination of three unique individuals, with distinctive musical backgrounds, each member contributing their own personal style, taking you on a musical journey, filled with passion, truth and expression. Pete & Mike Mac are solely responsible for all the performances on both 'Circle of Growth' and 'Sacred'. Pete is responsible for all Guitar work, Bass and Vocals, on both albums, while Mike performs all Percussion, Drums, Backing Vocals, with the addition of Keyboards and Piano on the 'Sacred' – The Album. They also participate on all production aspects of both albums.

PARADOX constantly remain in the media's eye, by means of International airplay, Radio interviews, Newspaper coverage, Internet coverage and Independent television broadcasts, with their debut video for the single 'Infinite', to their latest single 'Lame and Languid', from their latest release 'Sacred'. PARADOX have been described by Critics, Magazines, Newspapers, and faithful fans from the shows as being one of the tightest bands in their class, and with every show they perform, increasing their ever growing fan base.

PARADOX have now progressed, both musically and personally to a new level of expression, veering away from their previous punk rock/grunge sound of ‘Circle of Growth’, to a more melodic Alternative sound, that the band have been thriving to achieve since their creation. This sound is captured on their second full-length release, entitled ‘Sacred’.

PARADOX continue to work on a full time professional level, in a bid to ensure they reach their full potential, and considering their blend of Unique Fresh Alternative Rock, these guys are sure to be a commanding force in the New Music Arena.
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