Orders From Langley. Since 2006. Based in Louth Alternative Rock | Melodic Pop/Rock | Indie
'Orders From Langley' on IrishUnsigned music:
Silence in the Corridor
The Bright White Light
The Fohén

Members: 5
Members Names:
Gary J Conlon (vox & Guitars), Sean Branton (guitar), Dave McEneaney (Bass/Vocals) Jen Finnegan (piano/keyboards) Gary Morgan (Drums)
Broken Social Scene, Led Zeppelin, Perfect Circle, Interpol, The National

contact name:Gary Conlon
phone: 0863624572
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Orders From Langley are 5-piece band from Dundalk comprising of Gary J Conlon (vocal/guitar), Sean Branton (Guitar), Dave McEneaney (Bass), Jennifer Finnegan (Piano/Keyboard) and Gary Morgan (Drums). The band has been playing together for over two years and is currently putting the finishing touches to a new EP that will be released at the end of April 2008. Orders From Langley have been described as an alternative rock band citing a broad and diverse mix of influences such as Broken Social Scene, Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle and Interpol to name but a few. They have also been praised for their live performances and have built up quite a fan base since they formed back in 2006. The band have been well recognised for their eclectic sounds ranging from the ominous piano march of ‘The Fohen’ to the pop ballad dichotomy of “Apophina”. Their new single “Silence in the Corridor” has been described as a brooding melody ending in a fierce distorted-driven charge that’s both unashamedly liberating yet conservatively hard-core rock.
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